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Farmhouse Hutch ~ Champlain milk paint and cappuccino

Scored from an estate sale this Canadian made Kilgour Furniture buffet/ hutch is the perfect size for a coffee bar or as it was custom called for; an actual bar in the customers new home. She wanted it to be done in the same colors as this sweet little accent table.

The first step was to remove the mac tac liner in the long drawer and inside the buffet

It peeled back easy enough but then required a whole lot of Goo Gone to remove the residual stick glue. It did however protect the wood and once cleaned, perfect new looking surfaces.
All surfaces were scrubbed well to remove any dirt and dust accumulated over the years.
The top is the only wood veneer piece, the rest is solid maple I believe. Because it is veneer you must be very careful when refinishing it as it is easy to sand thru the thin wood layer.
Using my orbital sander and 120 grit sandpaper, I carefully sanded the top smooth the applied Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one  in cappuccino color. Throughout…

Dixie Belle Manatee Gray & Caviar Coffee Table

Antiques and hand crafted furniture always have a soft spot in my heart. I love the solid wood crafted into something that lasts forever. The finish and color may not but that is an easy fix whether you refinish or paint to give it new life. I purchased this hand crafted coffee table solely on the intricate moulding details. I envisioned them popping with dark wax or glaze.

The color I chose was Dixie Belle Paint in manatee gray, a soft universal grey as the base color.

I debated on doing the top caviar but went with manatee on it as well

Next step was to bring out the ornate base details. You can use black waxes, or a wash but I went with black glaze. I find glaze a bit intimidating and tend to stay away from it using waxes most often but this really needed more umph!

  and this is why intimidating.. even though the paint dried well over night, after I added the glaze and used a damp rag more paint then I intended wiped off as the dampness reactivated it (great if I was wanting to wet distress ;)

But it was easy to repaint quick and move forward using a dry cloth and success. The black glaze brings out the details perfectly. I find glaze takes longer to apply then waxing too but this is the look I was wanting so continued on the entire base and left to dry. Glaze is best if sealed and seeing I was using General Finishes top coat on a custom dresser in Dixie Belle drop cloth and not wanting to ever waste product, I applied 2 coats with a sponge to the coffee table base as well. Perfection as the flat sheen gave the manatee grey base just the right shine.

Now back to the top, here is where the plans deviated, I wanted the top darker then the base so applied a black stain. The first coat had me second guessing my choice as it looked like the glaze but a warmer black then the cool black glaze on the bottom. The 2nd coat was perfect but there was an area where the stain did not adhere well. Touch ups failed and the OCD in me had me power sanding it all off and starting again this time with the Dixie Belle Paint  in caviar - a true black color. ;)

One coat was all it took, this paint is lovely to apply and covers so well. Dixie Belle Paint is an all in one paint but on areas that get more use like a coffee table top, I like to add a sealer. To keep the rich black color I chose black wax. It was perfect. A nice buff and here is the finished coffee table

I am excited to be a Dixie Belle Paint Company ambassador and looking forward to trying more of their amazing products and sharing them with you. Please subscribe to my blog to stay up to date.

I have received product in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains links for Dixie Belle Paint  to help you find the items I used easily . :)

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