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Roll Top Farmhouse Bread Box

I picked this roll top bread box up at a thrift store. It was definitely not in the best shape paint wise but I knew it would look amazing in a farmhouse style in warm whites.

It has great bones, a fun farmhouse roll top door as well has a bonus storage area in the top, for what I am not sure ;)

First step was to sand down the previously painted surface to remove most of the paint drips and smooth the surface.

Black spray paint in flat matte was sprayed on all the edges so when distressed the orange is not revealed but rather a classic black.

I applied Fusion Mineral Paint in the color plaster, a creamy color with my angled sash Zibra brush, perfect for the cut in areas and straight edges. I applied two coats letting dry well between each coat.

It was then minimally distressed  along all the edges to reveal the black underneath. To add a bit of whimsy I decided to stencil on the roll top but which one?

I chose this stencil #3 from Fusion as well and went with 

Old World Plaster Look Bread Box

If you have been following my recent How To blog posts you know I have been trying the IOD moulds using acrylic caulking. For my first project with them I chose this simple plain wooden bread box.

I chose the widest mould using 2 of them which fit almost perfectly across the front. I just used a sharp knife to easily cut the end of one then glued on with wood glue and left to dry flat overnight.

The next day I started the paint process. 

I wanted to create an old world plaster look so started with Fusion Mineral Paint's in Ash mixed with Fusion Mineral Paint's fresco powder.

This went over the entire box but I never put it on the moulds.

Once good and dry and full coat of Fusion Mineral Paint's pebble went over the top of the dark grey and the moulding.

And then once dry it was sanded to reveal the dark grey then sanded a bit more to distress it to add a more aged look.

To give added dimension Homestead House black wax was added

I added the Fusion Mineral Paint's ash regular to the inside back of the box

and on the outside back to give a finished touch

And all complete...

 I took a "few" pictures to try and show it best from all angles

I have received product as a brand blog rep in exchange for this post, but ALL the opinions are entirely MY own.  This post contains links for Fusion Mineral Paint  & IOD - Iron Orchid Designs to help you find the items I used easily. There is no monetary compensation to me, they are just added for your convenience ;)