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Cedar Lined Armoire in Navy with Copper - lots of pics

When I purchased this solid armoire cabinet it did not take long to decide on a navy paint color. I also like the carved details on the front but thought the top and sides would look lovely stenciled with the hardware copper. Using Homestead House Milk PaintCutting Edge Stencils & Krylon spray paint I achieved my vision.

But first it needed a good cleaning starting with vacuum followed with a scrub with warm soapy water to remove any past gunk and dirt that would hamper paint adherence. The entire outside was lightly power sanded to smooth the wood surface then wiped well again.

Thank goodness for this heavy duty furniture dolly to move it around and also allow to be tipped on its back for the cleaning and sanding portions.
As well I was able to paint the underside and base areas with primer all around to seal.

Homestead House Milk Paint in midnight blue was mixed up and painted on

One coat was all that was needed to get good coverage over the original dark stained wood.
I wante…

Farmhouse Hutch in soft grey and black

Have you ever bought a piece of furniture where the sales photos look good but when you get it, it looks a whole lot worse for wear? This happened to this sweet hutch. From the sellers photo it seemed to just need updating but this was not quite all it required. Luckily my desire to relove pieces and give them new life runs deep. By the end of the makeover process I hope you agree the work was worth it.

I started by removing the dated stained glass, broken hardware and the hutch backing. 

The base top had a layer of peeling paint and a rubber mat embedded into it. 

Rather then spending loads of time peeling the paint off I went with paint stripper

And eventually got it all down to the bare wood and power sanded smooth.

  A good vacuum and deep scrub were next in order. This is such an important step to get a clean surface for paint adhesion. 

This piece seemed to have years of gunk and grime stuck everywhere but not for long. Scrub brushes, TSP/soap and warm water and lots of elbow grease work wonders.

I contemplated taking the doors off completely and having open shelving but the fixed top shelf has glass inserts and the center bar is not easily removed so the doors will stay on and be filled with chicken wire for a fun country feel. Original hardware holes were filled so new knobs could be added later. The entire piece was now hand sanded to smooth any rough areas and repaired spots then wiped with damp rag. It is all ready for the paint process.

On the base top I applied Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one in driftwood; Two coats sanded between after drying overnight.

Fusion Mineral Paint in putty was chosen for the body. Two coats were perfect coverage. I applied with my new shorty Cling On brush for a super smooth finish. Once dry the whole piece was sanded & distressed for more farmhouse appeal.

In keeping with the farmhouse country feel age was added with Fusion Mineral Paint coal black mixed in their clear glaze. Brush it on and wipe it off leaving in the nooks and crannies. Then follow up with black wax for additional aging.

New knobs were added to the hutch doors along with the chicken wire for a fresh new look.

The driftwood top needed more drama so I added a coat of  ebony Homestead House's stain and finishing oil all in one, perfect!

The last piece of the puzzle was to paint the backing. I pondered a fun color but kept going back to the simple farmhouse look of the grey and black so it was painted 2 coats of Fusion's coal black this time trying my new Zibra brush I won during their 12 days of giveaways at Christmas. I loved it!

And lastly haul it inside and stage for some pretty photos


the base has a full length shelf as well as a lined divided drawer

Do you think it was worth all the time put in to restoring it to its farmhouse beauty?

Video tour of the hutch

There is one issue, a blemish in the backing caused by the sellers clumsy son unloading it. It is more noticeable in certain lighting  of course but will most likely have items displayed in front of it however it can be replaced in the future too.