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Mandala Oak Lazy Susan

Have I told you how much I love mandalas? Yes I have :), You must remember my recent black lazy Susan,stenciling one on my deck, this sweet geometric coffee table, this cute round coffee table, this sweet lazy Susan and atop these saddle stools.

This solid oak hand crafted 18" across lazy Susan was another perfect canvas for my favorite mandala love.

The original finish had a few blemishes and uneven tone so after a light sanding an good scrub, a coat of Homestead House's ebony stain and oil finish was wiped on, excess wiped off and then left to dry overnight.

The gorgeous prosperity mandala stencil from Cutting Edge Stencils was up next.

Using Fusion Mineral Paint in limestone and a small stencil brush, the mandala was painted off center. When dry it was lightly sanded to smooth all edges and give a worn look.

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Rustic Stained and Painted Sideboard / Dresser

This SOLID maple dresser was in excellent condition having purchased from a 96 year old ladies estate sale. It just needed some updating and reviving. The style was perfect for a rustic farmhouse style update.

Solid wood pieces are not common anymore and if they are they are $$$, most are veneer over press board.

As per usual it was given a head to toe scrub with warm soapy water and 2 capfuls of  Fusion Mineral Paint TSP.

After the good cleaning it was left to dry.

The top was lightly power sanded with 120 grit sandpaper but the super hard factory finish left the tiniest swirls brought out after a rub of  Homestead House's ebony stain and oil finish that made my OCD go crazy.

In the meantime I moved on to the base. It was lightly hand sanded then Homestead House's ebony stain and oil finish rubbed in. This is the best product ever invented.

Rub it on, wait 10 minutes and wipe off. The built in top coat levels beautifully with a rich color. I applied it to the drawer and door fronts (which I removed for ease of working).

The dresser base was painted Fusion Mineral Paint  in coal black using my angled Zibra brush .

Back to the top where after 2 coats of stain oil the marks are still showing

I tried sanding the finish with a palm sander but it gummed up the paper so I used mineral spirits to take it all off before moving on.

I then went back to the orbital sander going from 80-120-220 wiping often

SO after sanding for a couple hours straight, my advice to the factory finished maple pieces is to strip it from the get go!

Perfect, bare gorgeous solid maple wood

You can determine solid wood or veneer bu looking from the back side. This is thick solid wood!
Looking inside at the construction also gives a good idea of the quality of the build and woods used too.

To keep the bare wood from going too dark now that it was back to raw, I started with Homestead House's cappuccino stain and oil . This matches the original finish better, I applied 2 coats of cappuccino then back to Homestead House's ebony stain and oil finish for the last coat.

The original hardware was dated, time for new and unique. D Lawless Hardware carries an extensive array of hardware. I chose this pretty black Venetian rose with a touch of copper highlights for this beauty.

I have shared loads of photos so you can see this gorgeous beast from all angles

I put the original drawer liner back in as it was in immaculate shape and so sweet.

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