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Walnut Stained Oval Coffee Table

  This oval coffee table was custom refinished going from a glossy orange stain to more matte warm walnut.

Terra Clay Painted Autumn Vase


I love to paint mason jars up as vases. They are always so cute when done and a perfect canvas to try new paints and colors. This one uses the new Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint line in 2 blended fall colors.

Dixie Belle Terra Clay Paint in marigold and malachite but an important step before painting is to coat the jar with Dixie Belle Slick Stick after a good cleaning. Allow the slick stick to dry 24 hours or more.

Half the jar was painted in marigold and half in malachite using 2 Dixie Belle premium chip brushes. On the second coat of each I stippled the colors into each other to get a blended feel. 

You can mist the surfaces with a Fine Mist Spray Bottle to help aid in blending as well. Once the desired blend is achieved allow to dry well.

To seal up the paint I applied 2 coats of Dixie Belle satin clear coat . There is also a sealer in the terra paint line up as well called Dixie Belle Terra Seal that would do the same thing.

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Adding the sealer makes the next steps easier to work with. I wanted to age the jar further so added brown Dixie Belle's best dang wax. Above is a brown wax video of it going on.

The last step was to add a slight bit of shimmer with copper Dixie Belle Gilding Wax along the rims and edges.

Links to the Dixie Belle products are for your convenience. My affiliation with this company does not increase prices on your end, your purchases via my links do however provide a small subsidy which allows me to keep providing these free tutorials. Thank you!


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