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Art Deco Cabinet Refinished in Classic Black - Lots of Photos/Videos

I jumped at the chance to refinish this gorgeous art deco solid wood cabinet. I chose classic black but used both a stain and paint combo to give it a new look.

Easy Coat Rack Update


Another project on my own personal makeover list was a little coat rack. My husband uses for his clothes but it was missing half the pegs and was the atrocious glossy orange stain. It was time to give it a makeover.

The poor thing had missing pegs and needed a fresh new color update. First give it a good cleaning to remove anything that may hinder the paint application.

I let my husband choose the paint color. He chose black sands Dixie Belle silk mineral paint. I brushed it on with a flat small Dixie Belle synthetic brush.

I had this piece of wood in my scraps pile that worked to replace the broken pegs. Lengths were cut to size, the one end tapered with sanding paper to fit in the round existing hole and the original screw put in the end. They have square ends but that is ok as this works for our own home.

Here is my husband creating the missing pegs as I paint the rack.

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Two coats of the charcoal paint were brushed on and it is ready to serve again. The silk mineral paint is the perfect paint as it s a one step type with built in primer and top coat.

You can see the square ended pegs mixed with the original rounds but it all works as they are meant to hang things on and be covered. Just as shown below! So grab some paint and update something you have wanted a color change on today.

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