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Navy Sideboard / Sofa Table

I loved the bones of this Sklar Pepplar sideboard / sofa table and knew it would look fabulous in a classic color to update the worn original stained finish.

As with all my projects, the first step is to scrub the piece well with warm soapy water, rinse and dry well. The top of the bottom shelf was lightly power sanded to smooth the finish then wiped well to remove and sanding dust.
I imagined it in a deep rich navy and ordered classic navy from a new paint line called Jolie Paint.

Look at the lovely packaging they send it in! See this sweet jewelry box and this fun wooden accent chair in malachite. And this stained and painted wood chair in verdigris. Boat are the small tester sizes in the box.

Here is the beautiful classic navy and their signature brush. I LOVE the brush; the construction is so well made and the handle fits my hand perfectly. The natural bristles apply the paint beautifully.

The top has a leather inset which covered easily with this paint. And this beauty has caster…

antique accent table in Homestead House midnight blue milk paint

Did you see the navy sofa table I recently blogged about? Well the same good friend had her Grandma's antique table she wanted updated as well. She did the hard work but stripping the old finish off and all ready to be painted.

As with most antique pieces, there was some repairs to be done first. It was a good thing I had many little clamps to hold the glued veneer that was lifting on the side. The top had some water marks that might show thru so they were sprayed with shellac to seal and prevent this from happening.

 Once dry it was ready for Homestead House milk paint in midnight blue. The dry wood soaked the milk paint up like a sponge. Three coats went on for a nice coverage.

To seal and deepen the navy color further, I added 2 coats of  Homestead House black wax 

And just for a bit more added durability I added another coat of clear wax on the top only, buffed once dry and it was complete.

I am pretty sure Grandma would have approved of this classic update.

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