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BOHO Corkboard Makeover

My eldest daughter had a corkboard growing up that I think she thought was a dry erase board seeing all the messages written all over it in marker. She is all grown up now and it is time for the corkboard to get a well deserved makeover. Soft shades of grey and pink with a few pretty touches and it looks nothing like before.

Rae Dunn Inspired Bread Box

If you haven't heard of Rae Dunn you may not be a farmhouse style fan. This uber popular line of kitchen decor is so simple yet so classic. Bright white with crisp black narrow font gives a universal appeal to almost any style kitchen. Follow me as I take a solid wood bread box and give it a "Rae Dunn" inspired makeover.

These solid wood bread boxes can be found everywhere but they are just so boring and generic. The simple smooth styling however is perfect for the inspired makeover I have in mind.

I first taped off the inside edges wanting to leave the interior the natural wood finish.

I am excited to try my new 2" angled Fusion paint brush as well on this project.

Using Fusion Mineral Paint in picket fence, a crisp white, I applied 3 coats. White is notorious for requiring more coats for an opaque coverage. After each coat I lightly sponge sanded to keep a soft smooth surface.

Now for the Rae Dunn inspired part, being a reduce reuse recycle person I cannot personally use the stencil making machines due to all the waste they incur. I also choose rather then print out a printed copy to trace on the "clean" side of a previously printed paper my chosen font.

Skinny font was what I went with for closest to the actual Rae Dunn style. Once I found where I wanted the word BREAD, I used the pencil transfer method (rub the side of a pencil tip on the backside to leave a light coating of charcoal) to lightly trace it onto the piece.

Usually I hand paint with small artist brushes but seeing this font is narrow I opted for my Sharpie oil paint pen in black. Slow and steady is the key and requires going over a few times on each letter.

And here it is ;) What do you  think? Would it work in your kitchen?

Featured on Hometalk December 15, 2018


  1. I have one just like this I got a year ago at a thrift store for a few bucks. Couldn't resist for solid wood. I knew I wanted to make it over, but I'd been debating what to do. What color? What style? Should I embellish it? Well, thanks to you, I now I know just what I'm going to do!

    1. Thank you Debbie, I hope it turned out perfect. Sorry for the delay I just found your comment in a spam folder but wanted to thank you for commenting


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