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Indian Inlay Stenciled Dresser

  Are you a stencil fan? I used part of the pretty  Indian inlay   stencil  from  Cutting Edge Stencils   and warm white paint to give this little wooden dresser some pizzaz. The cut glass knobs added glam! Subscribe to this  Blog   ~    Follow me on  Instagram   Follow me on  Pinterest  ~ Follow me on  Facebook Follow me on   Hometalk   ~  Visit  my  Etsy Store Email me SCRUB, scrub and scrub some more. Every piece that I do gets a complete scrub inside out and upside down with warm water,  Fusion TSP Alternative  and a scrub brush then rinsed clean. Seeing it was wood veneer it was dried with a soft towel right away to prevent any lifting. Areas around the knobs were gouged so wood filler was used to fill then sanded smooth when dry. As per usual there is always one drawer that needs regluing and the bottom drawer flattened. I use a gallon paint can with newspaper between it and the drawer after scrubbed. The top had water marks that were not removed during scrubbing and not wanting

Vintage Window Frame Laundry Room Art

Looking at this vintage window frame you might wonder what I had in mind but I thought it was a great shape for my laundry room wall to try my hand at applying a vinyl quote in it.

A good scrubbing followed and it was left to dry well.

This was the vinyl quote. I purchased it from a fellow marketer, Reveal My Designs, who makes these windows as her business. I so appreciate her selling me one as I usually hand paint but was dying to try this method just once.

The weather here in Alberta Canada was having a chinook making it perfect to take the frame outside to sand. Above is the back side and below the front. Both sides were power sanded with my orbital sander to make smooth and remove all loose paint wearing a mask in case the paint had lead.

The back was sealed with 2 coats of varathane to be sure there will be no issues with the old wood and paint.

Now to paint the front side; for the first coat I used Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Eulalie's sky.

Followed by dry brushing on Homestead House milk paint in loyalist, then their prairie sunset and then topped House and Canvas angora white.

All was sanded and another dry brush coat of Homestead's loyalist again with a final sanding.

To seal it all in, I chose Homestead House clear furniture wax. I love how wax deepens the colors.

Now to apply the vinyl.. first remove the backing carefully making sure all the letters stick to the transfer paper. Rub with something firm from the backside of the paper you are pulling up if they lift.

Now to turn it over and place on the glass. It is VERY important you know where you want it to be on the glass as once it touches, it is there and cannot be moved. I used my ruler to carefully smooth it out once in place

Then it was time to pull it off.. slowly and carefully! And oh so nervous

But it all worked perfect, YAY!

I put the paper under to just show it better

I am very pleased with the end result, now to add the wall fastener. I am planning on using a french cleat for great stability.

closeup of the layers of paint

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