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Milk Painted Patio Tables AKA Wooden Spools

Check out my freshly painted patio tables created from wooden utility spools.

I live on the Canadian prairies and our fairly new home was built in the middle of a hay field. This means we get ALLOT of wind so everything we have outside needs to be sturdy (or stacked when not in use like the Adirondack chairs)

We use these wood utility spools for tables around our fire pit and on our deck. They are however lacking personality. Bring on the paint!

As in all projects the first step is a good deep clean. I used a hose and scrub brush along with a bucket of soapy water but a pressure washer works great too.

Flip so all sides get a good scrub.

Let them dry well and make any repairs, this one had a board lifting so it was glued and nailed back in place.

I chose milk paint for these two projects. Milk paint works really well on raw wood absorbing into the fibers for great adherence.

This one was painted solid in Homestead House Milk Paint laurentien then Homestead House Milk PaintQuaker blue dry bru…

First Custom of 2019 ~ Navy Dresser with Hutch turned Change Table

My first custom project of 2019 came in the form of a solid Canadian built dresser with hutch that is going to be used in a nursery as a change table then as a dresser. The nursery is space themed so a deep navy was chosen as the dresser color.

This is the customer photo, I missed setting it up for one once it arrived.

After hardware was removed and the pieces thoroughly cleaned, it was time to paint.

Fusion Mineral Paint  in midnight blue was rolled on with their microfiber roller. The smooth maple wood finish was the perfect surface to use this set on.

After first coat dried overnight I rollered a second coat on the next day.

The coverage with the roller and the deep navy paint was perfect.

The original hardware had a broken knob so I replaced it with these fabulous chrome spherical knobs from  D Lawless Hardware.
They work perfect in the space themed nursery, right?

To add a deeper richer color as well as a bit more durability to the dresser, I applied Fusion's Hemp Oil Finish with a lint free cloth. After a few minutes it was buffed with a clean lint free cloth.
See the top drawer with the hemp oil applied and bottom not yet.

And that is is... such a beautiful dresser, now to do the same on the matching crib.

UPDATE! The customer sent me these cute photos of the crib and dresser/hutch in their new bedroom 16 months later.

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