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Scandinavian Inspired Dresser Makeover

 This dresser makeover is pretty extreme don't you think? From dark and dreary to light and airy with a very Scandinavian vibe.

Fall Inspired Rustic Mason Vases


Where are my fall color fans?? These mason jars turned rustic vases are done in fall shades of green, red and yellow. 

Dixie Belle Paint has released 5 limited new fall colors; juniper, merlot and pumpkin spice shown above as well as latte and cashmere used on this serving riser tray.

This great sized mason jars come filled with spaghetti sauce and make a perfect vase. I run thru the dishwasher once emptied. Check out one I did in turquoise and copper patina. It is a favorite color combo.

Many chalk paints claim you can just paint over any surface but to have better adherence I brushed on a coat of Dixie Belle Slick Stick and let dry well. I did the bottom and inside the rim as well.

Now to try some of the gorgeous new limited edition Dixie Belle Paint fall colors.

 I chose 3 ; juniper, merlot and pumpkin spice. I did 2 jars of each color bottom and inside rim painted  as well. And two coats of each color were brushed on letting dry between coats.

To seal the colors and add more durability Dixie Belle flat clear coat was brushed on with a Dixie Belle premium chip brush. Again 2 coats were applied.

The 3 colors sealed up.

Now to age and give a rustic appearance using Dixie Belle's best dang wax in brown. The right vase is done and left is not.

Then Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in copper and bronze. A wee bit of the gold was added too. They layer beautifully and bring out the designs so well.

The metallic colors add a worn weathered look to the vases.

I love them, how about you?

They are available on my Etsy Store

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video tour

The riser serving tray under the vases is done in the other 2 fall colors; latte and cashmere.

Which is your favorite color?

Links to Dixie Belle products are for your convenience. My affiliation with this fantastic paint company does not increase prices on your end, your purchases via my links does however provide a small subsidy which allows me to keep providing these tutorials. Thank you!


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  1. I just ordered the juniper. I can't wait to use it.ntje Merlot looks really pretty. I can't tell if it is like a burgundy or is it like Rusty Nail?

    1. I like the juniper for sure, the merlot is very 80's rusty red if that makes sense

  2. Those colors are indeed gorgeous! I will be looking for them a the local boutique that carries the brand. Thanks for sharing with us this week. #HomeMattersParty

    1. Thank you Donna, they are limited and apparently already in low stock, hope you find them :)

  3. These are gorgeous, Lee Ann! I sure hope that Dixie Belle decides to add these colors to their regular line! They would be lovely for furniture, too! Thank you for sharing at Tuesday Turn About... I'm featuring you at tomorrow party!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. You just never know if they will add them fingers crossed :) and THANK YOU for the feature!!

  4. These are perfect fall colors and the jars are so pretty. I also love that you reused spaghetti sauce jars. Thanks for adding it to the FWF party Lee Ann, and I'm featuring you at the next Friday party!

    1. Thank you so much, I appreciate the kind words and the feature!!


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