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Antique Vanity Stool

Did you see the antique vanity tutorial? Get all the how tos for it in that linked tutorial and see here how the matching stool was reloved.

I sourced this antique stool at an estate sale. It was all alone, no vanity or dresser to go with it. The antique vanity did not have a stool so they made the perfect couple.

Step 1; remove seat top, flip over and prep to remove old material, or two in many cases like this one.

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Carefully remove nails holding material in place, layer by layer.

I love how antiques usually have some sort of ownership, location and or dates acquired hand written on them.

Under the first layer I found added padding and an odd plastic layer.

These hand forged nails always amaze me, they are so tiny and not one the same really.

Here is the final deconstructed stack of things that were under the floral material.

Antique Vanity in Warm White Milk Paint

Antique vanity extreme before and after

I have a love of antique vanities; I have many fond memories watching my Grandma at hers, When I find them I cannot pass them up ;)

I was using this mixable wood putty on this French Provincial desk and had some left over so added it to the lower edge of the vanity where the veneer was missing.

I also used it to rebuild missing molding

It was the perfect medium to use and turned out really well.

Next it was on to the top to strip the old finish.

Power sanding removed all the original stain and varnish but there were these oil spots that now showed.

I wiped the top well with mineral spirits and let dry well and they were gone.

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Now the good deep scrub could be done. ALWAYS scrub your pieces well. I use warm water with a dash of liquid dish soap and TSP. Scrub brushes get in all the nooks and crannies. Rinse well.

and let dry well!

General Finishes antique walnut gel stain was applied on the top.  A second coat was applied the next day followed by a coat of their java stain.

Above is one coat of antique walnut stain on 3 pieces; farmhouse riser, a dining table and this vanity.

I then added 4 coats of General Finishes high performance top coat in flat finish for a beautiful durable finish that enhances the gorgeous grain.

There were more repairs as per most antiques especially after a good cleaning. The veneer was lifting on the bottom edge so reglued and clamped and left overnight.

The vanity back edge had some areas needing new glue and clamping too.

Then it was on to painting finally. Old Fashioned Milk Paint in buttermilk was mixed up and brushed on.

Two coats of buttermilk then Old Fashioned Milk Paint in light cream was layered over it. See the difference the layers make above.

It is hard to tell but above is buttermilk and to the right is light cream layered over it.

Milk paint does what it wants, this is something you must be prepared for ;) 

I was not happy with the chipping so washed it all back off areas where it was too chippy, 

lightly sanded the drawer fronts and the stool base, added a bit of bond to the paint and redid the layers. I was pleased with it then.

All the pieces were now sealed with clear wax.

To keep the vanity pieces looking their age, I add it with dark wax.

this is the final result of the video

See how different it looks with and without?

Hours of clear and dark hand waxing.

to get an authentic antiqued look. The original hardware was scrubbed clean and put back on.

The vanity stool was reupholstered, click HERE to see the entire process. (coming soon)

All the hours were so well worth it, she turned out so pretty don't you think?

Raise your hand if your love antique vanities!! I sure do.

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  1. Beautiful! I love the contrast with the stained top. How lucky to find a vintage vanity with the seat and mirror.

    1. Thank you Marie, actually the stool was not part of the purchase, luckily I found one that went perfect with it. And yes the mirror was so awesome to have original. :)


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