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Curvy French 9 Drawer Dresser

How about French Provincial dresser in shades of grey? I would love to hear your comments below. I purchased this giant dresser sight unseen and when it arrived it was in rough shape. Subscribe to this  Blog   ~    Follow me on  Instagram   Follow me on  Pinterest  ~ Follow me on  Facebook Follow me on   Hometalk   ~  Visit  my  Etsy Store Email me The top had deep scratches and dings, the back was missing, drawers misaligned, chipped veneer and oh so dirty but the solid wood construction and pretty style would make all the work worth it. See the completed antique coffee table tutorial peeking in upper left corner. Close up shows the dings and scratches but also the original finish crazed,  I stripped the top with a chemical paint stripper as step #1. Areas needing wood filler were addressed and filled (see above right) Then is was time to power sand it smooth. (left is sanded and the right side is not) All sanded and super smooth, look at the lovely grain. The curvy edges were then s

2X4 Custom Work Bench

My husband wanted a large solid workbench for his shop, I found all kinds of on line plans but in the end we made our own. I thought I would share how we created a 9 foot long bench with lower shelf from just 19 - 2X4 framing studs, 2- 4X4 posts a a big bag of screws.

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Currently during Covid 2020 2 out of 4 of our local Alberta lumber mills have shut down. This decreased the supply of wood available and increased the price. Nine foot framing studs were the best deal.

 We laid them out on the garage floor to start our design plan.  The 2 4X4's were cut in thirds to become the legs. Our cane corso Harley always has to inspect everything and it seems she loves this planked top.

Wood was cut to create a frame around the top.

They fit horizontally with the legs in the corner and center. Wood screws were drilled from the sides into the top.

The inspector checked out the newly cut cross braces which were again screwed from the frame into them.

Braces were added between the legs too which were securely screwed as well after being sure they were square.

The legs had cross braces added for stability as well as support for a lower shelf that will be added.

Once all was screwed and stable we flipped it over ready to add the lower shelf.

The lower shelf was screwed to from the top side into the braces.

Of course under the close inspection of Miss Harley.

To prevent screw heads showing on the top surface all the top boards were secured from underneath thru the brace boards.

And there it is, a large very stable functional workbench. And it cost about $225 CND complete.
There is a future plan to wrap the top in sheet metal but that may not be needed depending on the use.
As a painter I suggested doing so but the handyman wants it left as is and rustic looking ;)

Video tour of the bench


Now to move it to the shop.

It was moved using the skid steer as this beauty is solid and heavy!

Here is a video view of the moving

And here it is in its new home, the shop!

Tell me what you think of our final design?

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  1. That turned out great. I would have never thought about using 2x4s for shelf and top. Not sure I would like not having a solid smooth top. Did you put any finish on it? So far does is work well?

    1. Thank you Vicky, It is working great. The plan was to possibly sheet it with metal but after building it and sanding the top it may just stay as it. We did not apply any finish as he wanted it as is but being a painter I may just jazz it up :)

  2. Nine foot framing studs. Missed that the first time I read it.

    1. indeed but technically 2X4's just the longer length :)

  3. Replies
    1. thank you very much, I appreciate your kind words :)

  4. This bench is perfect. My hubs has all sorts of odd and end tables for his various saws etc. I want him to make one long one where all his tools can be lined up. I love yours.

    1. This worked perfect to hold so much; the plastic kits fit neatly under and jacks rolls under the lower shelf.. organization is key in our shop is what I tell my husband LOL

      Thank you for the kinds comments and stopping by!

  5. This is such a great project! Perfect for all those DIY projects!

    Thank you so much for sharing your project with us over at Waste Not Wednesday! We are looking forward to seeing what you share with us this week.

    1. thank you, it will be well used I am sure :)

      thank you for hosting, hope to see you next week, stay warm!


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