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BOHO Corkboard Makeover

My eldest daughter had a corkboard growing up that I think she thought was a dry erase board seeing all the messages written all over it in marker. She is all grown up now and it is time for the corkboard to get a well deserved makeover. Soft shades of grey and pink with a few pretty touches and it looks nothing like before.

Etsy Tile Order Complete


Here is another custom ordered faux tin tile. They are the top viewed items on my Etsy shop. This one was ordered in similar colors as my own personal one in greeny blue copper shades.
You can see many more I have created HERE.

This is my tin tile stencil pattern #1. I applied Dixie Belle mud using an offset palette knife over the centered stencil on a 12"X12" piece of hardboard.

Once the mud is even the stencil is lifted to reveal the pretty pattern. Let the mud dry well.

I painted a base coat of Dixie Belle Paint in coffee bean and allowed to dry. Then the other Dixie Belle Paint colors are added. I used vintage duck egg, palmetto then more coffee bean.

video view of my progress

Once all the colors were blended as desired I gave it a coat of clear Dixie Belle's best dang wax then using my fingertip applied Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in copper to all the highlighted areas.

And this beauty is ready to to make it's way to USA.

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