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Art Deco Cabinet Refinished in Classic Black - Lots of Photos/Videos

I jumped at the chance to refinish this gorgeous art deco solid wood cabinet. I chose classic black but used both a stain and paint combo to give it a new look.

Floral Green Jumbo Jewelry Box


Jewelry boxes are such fun pieces to work on, they are like mini dressers but you can add more character. This jumbo treasure chest was the perfect backdrop for the newly released dewy morning Dixie Belle transfer over a favorite blue green tide pool Dixie Belle silk mineral paint.

I picked up the large jewelry box at a thrift store. Seeing how big it was and made of wood I quickly stuffed in my cart.

I totally missed that the base was severely damaged missing much of the wood frame. It must have been dropped??

First repair was gluing one whole edge back in place, clamping and letting dry overnight.

The base was then filled with heavy duty wood filler and again left to dry well.

Power sanding it smooth with one hand while my other holds the shop vac to create my poor womans dust collecting sanding system.

Now the base was smooth I moved on to recreating the grooves along the edges.

Moving to the inside of the chest one of the necklace carousels were removed so the lining could be reglued. The other side had the lining glued in the past but that repair did leave a bit of ripples. Unfortunately it was glued firmly in place so I left it as is.

Finally after all the repairs it was time for a good cleaning with vacuuming all then wiping well with a spray cleaner.

 Now to make it one of a kind. Dixie Belle silk mineral paint in tide pool was the color of choice. You may notice I repurpose my transfer sticks to become stir sticks!

Relax when you see the first coat on over dark wood, it will look scary :)

Here is 2 coats on (left), so much better right? I did add more wood filler to the lower right edge, sanded and painted again in two coats.

I cut the new dewy morning Dixie Belle transfer into pieces and created the layout I wanted.

I let my paint dry overnight before applying transfers but I could put one inside the 2 mirrored back areas after cleaning them well with glass cleaner. This transfer I cut in half with one on each side. Above left it is in place with the top paper waiting to be lifted and right complete.

The jewelry box edges were lightly distressed with a Dixie Belle sanding sponge to give a vintage vibe as well as the flat surfaces were smoothed to a buttery feel.

Remove the Dixie Belle transfer backing and place where wanted, rub and left off top sheet.

The top is layered transfers which I showed my dry run earlier.

I painted the back 2 coats of tide pool as well so this jumbo beauty may be seen from all sides, note the music box wind up key. It plays "Memories".

To seal the transfers in place I brushed on Dixie Belle Terra Seal (the matte coverage is awesome) using a small flat Dixie Belle synthetic brush. BUT I brushed to firmly at an angle on this transfer and lifted a bit of the flower. Keep your brush moving one way smoothly and let dry before applying 2nd coat. Luckily I had a spare to apply over the booboo once the clear coat dried.

While adding the extra flower I pondered with butterflies (L) or without (R) and went with add a butterfly to each bunch of flowers as a whimsical addition.

The door "glass" was screwed back in place and new felt feet put on the bottom and this beauty is complete.

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LINK to many other jewelry boxes I have reloved

So much storage in this jewel chest.

video tour for you

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Hometalk Dec 23, 2022


  1. GORGEOUS! I love the color.

  2. Replies
    1. I was just pondering what to do with my old jewelry box when I saw this. Awesome I can’t wait to try it

    2. Yeah, glad I could inspire you!!

  3. Thank you Karin, I popped over and joined in on the fun!

  4. Your jewelry box makeover is lovely, Lee Ann... I love green and purple together. I think it's one of God's best mix of colors for flowers! Pinned, and I'm delighter to be featuring your post at Tuesday Turn About this week!

    1. Thank you Julie, I am very excited for the feature and your kind words!!

  5. Your thrift store makeover looks wonderful! I'm featuring you tonight at the #HomeMattersParty. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Awe Thanks Allyson that is so lovely to hear, thanks for hosting :)


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