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Mandala Stenciled Round IKEA Coffee Table

I love mandalas! They are such a pretty addition to some many pieces and come in so many designs. This round oak inlaid coffee table from IKEA is a great classic shape and color but needed a fresh coat of paint and a bit of pizzazz.Step one is always to clean the furniture piece well then sand the edges and add wood filler to any areas needing it.

Fusion Mineral Paintin coal black was brushed on in the direction of the wood grain using myCling On short brush. Using a mister bottle helps keep the paint moving well when needed.

One coat was all that was needed to fresh up the paint.

Now for the fun part, the mandala stencil. My favorite is this prosperity mandala stencil from Cutting Edge. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit every project. This one is 24". I have used prosperity mandala on these other projects including the largest size on my deck to create a mandala rug.

I am also a fan of Cutting Edge Stencil Tools Kit too. Here are other Cutting Edge stencil projects.
I used a subt…

Antique Vanity Goes Dixie Belle Vintage Duck Egg Blue

Antique vanities always catch my eye. My grandma had one and I always loved the great times had around it and the fancy feelings it gave me as a little girl sitting looking in the mirror with all the pretty lotions potions and bottles displayed on it.

Many antiques also have hand written notes on them too.

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After so many years of use, these pieces deserve a deep cleaning spa day. I use warm water with some soap and a bit of Dixie Belle white lightening cleaner to really deep clean.

The pretty floral drawer liner was easily removed once dampened as was wallpaper.

Each piece was rinsed well after cleaning, wiped of excess water and left to dry well.

Using my razor scraper I removed any old shellac bumps and sanded them smooth.

Any marks like this left will show more when painted. There was also debris (circled) that was trapped in the shellac finish as well that needed sanding smooth. Any repairs are made now too and the whole vanity lightly hand sanded and wiped again.

I chose a vintage duck egg blue to paint this beauty from Dixie Belle

It is such a soft vintage color. All the pieces were painted 2 coats using the Dixie Belle's oval brush.

Doesn't it look lovely so far? But wait, there is more.

Rather then put drawer liner in, I chose to paint the inside drawer bottoms a soft grey paint.

The entire vanity, stool and mirror were also amped up with a wash of Dixie Belle driftwood around the edges and in the nooks and crannies for a muted added dimension. I used a mister to softly blend these color together. Once dry the entire set was sponge sanded with the edges distressed lightly in keeping with the aged finish I wanted to achieve. The last step was to seal all the painted areas with Dixie Belle's best dang wax in clear.


The original hardware was so pretty but the pitted areas needed to be covered. I went with a satin nickel spray paint all over in multiple light coats. Again to add further dimension a wee bit of gold gilding paste was wiped on with a small artist brush. See gold added below on the left pull and right just silver?

Hardware was put back on, the updated pulls on the lower drawers.

with new crystal knobs on the top drawers

I pondered the scrolly back plate behind the knob (Left) and after a split poll on my Instagram and Facebook pages I decided to let the buyer choose what they prefer.

Which do you prefer?

This was the stamp on the back of the mirror. The reflective side of the mirror shows some hazing and has a small cracked area but I love that it is original and has seen so many faces over the years. The simple frame style does allow for a new mirror to be cut and replaced too if desired.

Now it is just the stool seat upholstery to be decided.

I had this black and white fabric on hand and ordered this faux fur as an option.

But again I will leave that up to the buyer's choice.

In the meantime I set one of the latest faux tin tiles on the seat to also give a monochromatic look.

Links to Dixie Belle products are for your inconvenience. My affiliation with this fantastic paint company does not increase prices on your end, your purchases via my links does however provide a small subsidy which allows me to keep providing these tutorials. Thank you!

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  1. I love love this project. I love the color. You are so creative.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, I truly appreciate your comment and time you took to share it! Have a fantastic w/e!

  2. Very pretty transformation! I adore the color and the hardware! Thanks for sharing it at Farmhouse Friday!

    1. Thank you Michelle. I love the original hardware and color as well :)


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