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First time trying IOD Stamps - Iron Orchid Designs

  How did I get FRESH PRODUCE on my antique crate you ask? Why I pulled out my Iron Orchid Design stamps for the very first time. I am not sure why I waited so long but this old crate seemed like the perfect project to try them on. Subscribe to this  Blog   ~    Follow me on  Instagram   Follow me on  Pinterest  ~ Follow me on  Facebook Follow me on   Hometalk   ~  Visit  my  Etsy Store Email me This is the IOD typeset stamp set . Mine only had the capitals and the numbers included when I ordered years ago. The IOD website has lots of great tips I read and videos I watched before giving the stamps a go.  Step 1: peel off the plastic backing Step 2: using fine sandpaper rough up the back side of the stamps going in both directions. Step 3: peel off required letters Step 4: place on your project to get the spacing of the letters. I thought I would use the stamp holder but my word was too long. Step 5: I opted for the thin backing plastic on an angle to fit the word PRODUCE. Press the

Antique Crate Makeover with Fusion Milk Paint


This crate may just be the luckiest piece yet. Let me share the story as to why.

Years ago I purchased it from a local picker along with the rest of this above treasures. It is the bird poop covered grungy crate above right in front of the divided drawer. It was so yucky even after I hosed it so I stuck it outside hoping snow and rain might clean it up. It sat outside for a couple years.

This summer we were tidying wood piles and contemplated tossing this in the firewood pile as well but I decided to give it a deep scrub and see what might happen.


I scrubbed it with my handy scrub brush, warm water with soap and TSP Alternative as well as spray it with a green spray cleaner. It took a couple scrubs and rinses to look better then was left to dry well.

As per any vintage wooden item this one had some nails missing and a chunk out of one of the side slats. I predrilled a hole so not to crack the ageing wood then used an original nail that was from the op slats and secured the piece. 

This was done on a few slats and no ready to paint.

Have you heard Fusion Mineral Paint has a new milk paint line? I used the night swim on this antique table and this modern table.

I chose toasted coconut for this crate as I am a sucker for warm white on antique and vintage pieces. It gives them a fresh new look but still fits the era they came from as does using milk paint.

I had used this gorgeous color on an antique drum table and had the perfect amount left for this project.
And as another fun fact, that is my husband and I in the anniversary wishes in our local newspaper celebrating 30 years :)

All sides were painted with this milk paint not aiming for a solid coat. I wanted to keep the aged feel with some wood exposed. When dry it was sanded to expose a bit more.

Now to add some character. Wooden crates used to be like todays boxes. What would this crate have held? Fresh produce I think :)

To stamp on the FRESH PRODUCE I used my IOD - Iron Orchid Design décor stamps. Here is a more detailed how I did that post.

Using Fusion Mineral Paint in coal black the words were pressed on all the crate sides.

I like the aged look of the stamps as well as the lighter paint transfer but some areas were a bit too light.

I redid some of the letters manually repainting and stamping to get the perfect words.

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Now to seal it all up. I chose a clear poly for ease of wiping.

And for the final step Homestead House Wax in espresso was brushed on, doesn't it look perfect?

If you are interested it is available on my Etsy Store


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  1. I've always wondered about Fusion paint. Thanks for posting this and I love how it turned out! It's beautiful! Pinned. Thanks so much for sharing it on Farmhouse Friday. We are featuring this post tomorrow! Hope you link up again. :)

    1. Thank you for the feature and the kind words. You will have to try the new milk paint, it is awesome!

  2. So glad to see you redeemed that dirty old crate because look how good it looks as a coffee table tray!

    1. I am so happy I toughed it out too, I really love it now!! thank you!


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