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Dresser in Shades of Teal Blue

If you have followed me for awhile you know I LOVE any shade of teal blue so when a customer called a dresser from my stock to paint album and wanted it in shades of teal I was ecstatic. Now the problem arises in the fact that there are endless shades of teal and blues. She had a certain color in mind and after sharing all the colors I had on hand I directed her to a local Dixie Belle retailer.

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She picked out Dixie Belle's antebellum blue and peacock.

A lovely combo for sure don't you think?

Step one was to scrub the entire piece well using Dixie Belle white lightening cleaner then rinse and dry before filling the dings and damaged areas and power sand smooth with an orbital sander.

Antebellum blue was brushed on using Dixie Belle's oval brush perfect for the staggered edges and flat surfaces.

Here is coat one drying

and dry but the lighting is goofy to get the right color

To …

More Salt & Pepper sets in Renfrew Blue

Solid wood salt and pepper sets are an easy way to add color to your kitchen. I recently posted two new painted sets with the blue set selling right away and another set custom ordered.

I decided I would paint an extra set while doing up the custom set. First thing of course is to scrub them well and let dry.

Using my favorite renfrew blue from Fusion Mineral Paint, 2 coats were applied followed by Fusion Mineral Paint's ageing wax added for additional detailing and dimension.

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