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Indian Inlay Stenciled Dresser

  Are you a stencil fan? I used part of the pretty  Indian inlay   stencil  from  Cutting Edge Stencils   and warm white paint to give this little wooden dresser some pizzaz. The cut glass knobs added glam! Subscribe to this  Blog   ~    Follow me on  Instagram   Follow me on  Pinterest  ~ Follow me on  Facebook Follow me on   Hometalk   ~  Visit  my  Etsy Store Email me SCRUB, scrub and scrub some more. Every piece that I do gets a complete scrub inside out and upside down with warm water,  Fusion TSP Alternative  and a scrub brush then rinsed clean. Seeing it was wood veneer it was dried with a soft towel right away to prevent any lifting. Areas around the knobs were gouged so wood filler was used to fill then sanded smooth when dry. As per usual there is always one drawer that needs regluing and the bottom drawer flattened. I use a gallon paint can with newspaper between it and the drawer after scrubbed. The top had water marks that were not removed during scrubbing and not wanting

Worn & Weathered Brown Antique Side Table

This relove was a big surprise once completed, let me share the process.

A kind neighbor gave me this sweet little table she hauled from home to home through her life having gotten it from her Grandmother. She always intended to refinish it but never got around to it. I was honored to be chosen to give it new life.

Under all the years of dust and cobwebs was a gorgeous solid wood beauty waiting to shine. As always the first step to the makeover was a deep scrub in every nook and cranny with warm soapy water with a bit of TSP.

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Once it was dry it was time to sand. There was a week of fair winter weather here in western Canada so I hauled it outside to power sand. This removed all the loose old finish and smoothed the wood.

Hand sanding was next to get in all the small areas the orbital sander could not reach.

To sand around the curvy legs I used Surfprep's orbital foam sanding pad that forms around the leg as it sands.

Here it is all sanded and ready for the next step.

All surfaces were wiped clean of sanding dust.

It is very rare an antique piece does not need some repair, this one just needed the base of one of the side holders glued. I like to use my handy offset spatula to let in between the layers.

Then a board was clamped to secure and dry.

Finally the fun part, the painting. My aunt called this piece as soon as she saw the dusty dirty before photo above. She pondered a mustard color but then asked if I had a charcoal brown.

When I paint pieces brown is never a color I use often seeing they are usually brown wood but it is her choice.

I did not have a charcoal brown but one of the great things about milk paint is you can mix custom colors easily. I mixed Homestead House milk paint colors sherwood brown and coal black. You can see the new custom color above on the bottom 2 shelves and spindles, what do you think?

video of the milk paint going on

Here it is all painted and wet. Here are many more milk paint projects I have done.

And above it is drying which goes lighter.

The entire table was sanded with a sanding sponge and the edges distressed to show wear. Then it was sealed with Fusion Hemp Oil. This is perfect for this antique piece as the hemp oil not only absorbs into the milk paint but the dry wood fibers.

It also deepens the color.

I wanted to add interest and depth so while the hemp oil was wet I used a sanding pad to wear more areas.

I LOVE the wood grain still shows and that the piece has imperfections that give it character .

The hemp oil is reapplied till saturated then wiped back and let dry. In the future more can be added as needed as well.

To add even a bit more dimension and depth Fusion Furniture Wax in black was brushed on with a chip brush and wiped back with a blue shop towel.

I am totally loving the new worn and weathered brown finish. 

I now will add brown to my color options going forward.

It is truly beautiful and very authentic to this antique cutie.

Check out Homestead House Paint Co.; this is my affiliate link but prices are not increased using it. It does give a small commission so I can continue to share these free tutorials with you to help on your milk paint learning journey.


Jan 11, 2021

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  1. I simply love it. You have the best before and afters.

    1. Thank you Rebecca, that kind comment just made my day! Merry Christmas!


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