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Mandala Stenciled Round IKEA Coffee Table

I love mandalas! They are such a pretty addition to some many pieces and come in so many designs. This round oak inlaid coffee table from IKEA is a great classic shape and color but needed a fresh coat of paint and a bit of pizzazz.Step one is always to clean the furniture piece well then sand the edges and add wood filler to any areas needing it.

Fusion Mineral Paintin coal black was brushed on in the direction of the wood grain using myCling On short brush. Using a mister bottle helps keep the paint moving well when needed.

One coat was all that was needed to fresh up the paint.

Now for the fun part, the mandala stencil. My favorite is this prosperity mandala stencil from Cutting Edge. It comes in a variety of sizes to fit every project. This one is 24". I have used prosperity mandala on these other projects including the largest size on my deck to create a mandala rug.

I am also a fan of Cutting Edge Stencil Tools Kit too. Here are other Cutting Edge stencil projects.
I used a subt…

Canning Ring Pumpkins

Super sweet rustic pumpkins created from old canning rings

For years I have saw this cute simple craft on Pinterest and wanted to make some but never had spare canning rings. A friends was selling their home and moving south and had a huge box, perfect.

They can be as rusty or shiny as you like them

I used the pipe cleaner method of securing them together, arrange in a circle in your color order, put pipe cleaner around the center, twist tight and done!

I spray painted some of the rings Rustoleum Spray paint in lagoon in multiple coats and added them between gold ones.

Hot glued cinnamon sticks cut to about an inch long formed the stem and jute for the tendrils finished off the rustic pumpkins. 

 Simple easy and fun fall project, give it a try ;)


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